Making a difference is the only thing that matters.

Since 2014, Stitch Community volunteers have made an impact on social isolation & loneliness in over 50 cities worldwide.

Stitch works with community groups, local governments, health organisations, and other impact organisations to identify and assist socially-isolated members of the community. Stitch member volunteers enrich the lives of those members through community activities in line with the Stitch Community’s constitutional charter, which is:

“To provide benevolent relief to persons suffering from social isolation, or numerous associated issues such as loneliness, poverty, misfortune, distress or poor health, in particular the aged, elderly, or disabled, by any means.”

How We Make An Impact

The story in numbers

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With the support of our members, Stitch is constantly working to understand how we can make the biggest positive impact on loneliness and isolation.


Stitch has worked with researchers from the MIT AgeLab, University of New South Wales Centre for Health Brain Ageing, and University of California San Francisco, to define and measure the impact of improved social connections on health. Using well-proven measures of social health, including the UCLA Loneliness Scale and the Lubben Social Network Scale, the Stitch Community is showing it can have an enormous impact on the health and wellbeing of our members.

A Gift and a Reward

Stitch Community Ambassadors usually volunteer for Stitch because they like the idea of helping improve the lives of other people. What constantly amazes us, however, is how much of a positive impact that volunteering for Stitch has had on the lives of our Ambassadors. In a world where one in four adults feel lonely on a regular basis, helping other people can often be the most effective way of improving your own life and being part of a community that makes a difference.

Stitch’s most recent member survey showed a 54% reduction in loneliness & isolation among participating members.

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