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Community Champion Volunteering

Join over 980 volunteers who have made an impact on social isolation & loneliness in over 50 cities worldwide.

Thank you for your interest in Community Champion Volunteering with the Stitch Community, a not-for-profit charity dedicated to addressing loneliness and social isolation for the members of society over 50 years old who need it most. 

Please note, Community Champion Volunteering is reserved for people who are at least 50 years old and who meet several other requirements. If you are not yet 50, discover the other volunteering options available to you. 

Community Champion Volunteering

Community Champion Volunteering is supported by Stitch, the world’s largest
activities and companionship community for people over 50. 

Volunteers need to already be a member of Stitch, or be willing to join. It is free to join
Learn more about what Community Champion Volunteering entails below.


Hosting regular Stitch Activities & Events is by far the most important part of volunteering with Stitch.

We have found that regular activities make it much more likely that people who are shy or reserved about joining will attend. They may not accept the first invitation, but if they see the same activity posted on a regular basis, they will eventually come along!

These activities connect your community, helping everyone make new friends and companions that enrich their life. As research is increasingly proving, this type of social interaction is what ultimately helps keep loneliness and isolation at bay. 

These regular activities can be either in-person or virtual/online.



Stitch communities don’t suddenly spring into existence overnight. They generally start with a small number of volunteers and grow gradually over time.

In order to make a difference to their community, we require that all volunteers be prepared to commit to 12 months.

That may seem like a long commitment, but it doesn’t usually feel that way, as being a Community Champion Volunteer is actually a great deal of fun and most volunteers keep on doing it far longer than 12 months (in fact most never stop!). We just try to make the 12 month commitment clear so that you understand the community may take some time to become vibrant.

Make the most of it!

Being a Community Champion Volunteer is super fun and rewarding, and we actually find that most volunteers tell us they want to do more than just create regular activities — they want to participate more.

You are more than welcome to fully immerse yourself and take full advantage of Stitch — attend other people’s activities, host additional events of your own, create your own interest groups, join other groups that interest you, and participate in the online discussion forums. We encourage you to make the most of it!

I'm interested! What's next?

If you meet all the requirements and think that becoming a Community Champion Volunteer sounds like something you would like to do, then Stitch will provide you a complimentary Stitch membership to help you get the community started in your area.

Send us an email expressing your interest in this program, and a Stitch Community team member will get in touch to organize a virtual chat with you. During this chat, you’ll learn more about the Community Champion Volunteering program and have all your questions answered!