It's worse than obesity, poor diet, alcohol or lack of exercise.

It’s been called “the epidemic of the 21st century”. If you’re over 60, loneliness increases your risk of death more than obesity, alcohol, poor diet, or lack of exercise, and is as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 61% of American
adults have reported feeling lonely, and 25% of Australians say they are lonely each week.

Worse, the stigma associated with loneliness and isolation means it is most often unrecognised and under-reported. The Stitch Community is here to change that.

The Stitch Community is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to addressing loneliness & isolation for the members of society over 50 who need it most.  

Tackling Loneliness Head On

How the Stitch Community helps


Organising activities for members of the community who are socially isolated is at the core of what we do, with those members often going on to become volunteers themselves.


Volunteers provide a shoulder to lean on when it’s needed. It could be taking someone to hospital, or providing social support to those who need it, or just being there to help out.


Everything that happens as part of the Stitch Community is driven by unpaid volunteers, who are driven solely by the goal of helping enrich the lives of other people.

How We Make An Impact

The story in numbers

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Members assisted

Stitch’s most recent member survey showed a 54% reduction
in loneliness & isolation
among participating members. 

How you can help

Volunteer with the Stitch Community

Since 2014, over 980 volunteers have made an impact on social isolation & loneliness in over 50 cities worldwide. Could you be our next superstar volunteer? 

The Stitch Community is currently seeking Community Champion Volunteers — people at least 50 years old who are attracted to the idea of organizing regular events that help people connect. 

If you are not yet 50 and would like to contribute to addressing loneliness and isolation in your area, discover the other volunteering options available to you.

Community Champion Volunteering

Community Champion Volunteering is supported by Stitch, the world’s largest
activities and companionship community for people over 50. 

Volunteers need to already be a member of Stitch, or be willing to join. It is free to join
Learn more about what Community Champion Volunteering entails below.


Setting up interest groups and organizing regular activities & events is by far the most important (and fun!) part of volunteering.

These interest groups and activities connect your community, helping everyone make new friends and companions that enrich their life. As research is increasingly proving, this type of social interaction is what ultimately helps keep loneliness and isolation at bay.

POPULAR activitIES & eventS

These regular activities & events can be either in-person or virtual/online — it’s up to you! 

Examples of the most popular activities & events organized include: 

  • Monthly Mix & Mingle 
  • Fortnightly Social Get-Together 
  • Weekly Meet & Mingle
  • Weekly Happy Hour 

Make the most of it!

Being a Community Champion Volunteer is super fun and rewarding, and we actually find that most volunteers tell us they want to do more than just create regular activities — they want to participate more.

You are more than welcome to fully immerse yourself and take full advantage of Stitch — attend other people’s activities, host additional events of your own, join groups that interest you, and participate in the online discussion forums. We encourage you to make the most of it!

I'm interested! How do I get started?

If you meet all the requirements and think that becoming a Community Champion Volunteer sounds like something you would like to do, then Stitch will provide you a complimentary Stitch membership to help you get the community started in your area.

Fill in the form below and a friendly Stitch Community staff member will be in touch with next steps! 

In the meantime, discover the six steps to becoming a Community Champion Volunteer